National Permaculture Convergence is an inclusive forum where practitioners in the rapidly growing field of permaculture, eco-friendly agricultural practices and sustainability, come together to connect and share experiences and best practices. The Convergence includes talks, presentations, discussions, exhibits that explored the theme Future Food and Culture. It is a great space to learn, network, present and celebrate.

This event is being hosted by Aranya Agricultural Alternatives. The theme for this year is Future Food & Culture. It will be held on 18th, 19th, and 20th November 2023 on Aranya Permaculture Farm.

Timings for the Convergence : 9.00am-5.30pm (until the last day i.e the 20th)

Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, is an environmental and developmental NGO working with small and marginal farmers, organizations, and government since 1999, focusing on natural resource management, advocating for sustainable agriculture through Permaculture practices, women empowerment and permaculture education.

For more visit www.permacultureindia.org

This event is open to farmers and farmers' organizations, academicians, researchers, policymakers, students, entrepreneurs, and individuals working towards or interested in ecological solutions in various fields including sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, environment, biodiversity, sustainable living, health, and nutrition.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your children to the NPC event. Please be aware that this is a farm setting, and you will be responsible for supervising your child.

We have a whole lot of interesting events and renowned speakers lined up. We hope you will find the discussions fruitful and use these 3 days to learn more, get exposure and network to new ideas!

Our schedule for the NPC:
Day 1: Insights on future food and culture
Day 2: Permaculture perspective and solutions for Future Food Systems
Day 3: Climate Change and Impact on Future Food Systems, Panel Discussions
Permaculture networking and Regional Permaculture Groups (This is only for those who have completed the 72-hour Permaculture Design Course).
Follow this link for detailed schedule
Please register here for the National Permaculture Convergence. Kindly follow the payment instructions on the registration page to confirm your registration after filling in your details.

As Aranya is a non-profit organisation and we’re mostly self-funded, we charge a nominal fee from NPC participants to attend the event. Following is the breakdown of costs:

Permaculture Design Course holders:
3 Days and 2 Nights: 3000 + 18% GST = Rs 3540/- (Includes food and accommodation)

For Children
Age 6 to 14 - 3 days and 2 nights : Rs.1770/-
Above 14 Years - Full charge as Adults

Day Pass for Non-Permaculture Design Course individuals:
Rs. 750 +18% GST = Rs. 885/- Per day Per individual (No accommodation)

Days joining Day Pass cost + GST Total
1 day 750 +18% GST 885/-
2 Days 1500 + 18% GST 1770/-
3 Days 2250 + 18% GST 2655/-

Day Pass For Children
Age 6 to 14 - Rs. 400 Per Day Per Child No accommodation
Above 14 Years - Full charge as Adults

Accommodation is provided only for individuals who have completed their Permaculture Design Course at Aranya due to space constraints.

We do not offer refunds. We require you to make payment in advance.

Yes you can register by opting for the Day Pass option.

PDC holders who are not opting for accommodation can take a day pass. We are only giving accommodation for PDC holders who are staying for two nights.

We kindly request you to let us know if you need accommodation a day earlier or after the convergence and make the payment beforehand, rather than upon arrival at the venue. This information will help the organizing team manage logistics more efficiently.

There will be a charge of 750/- per day which has to be paid in advance. There is no GST applicable to the fees for the extra days.

Aranya Permaculture Academy is located about 2.5 hours from Hyderabad city in Telangana. The nearest town is Zaheerabad which is 12 km away or about 20 minutes away.

Aranya Permaculture Farm

Directions to the venue -
From Hyderabad drive towards Zaheerabad
Take Pastapur exit
Turn right under the flyover( open your google maps here )
Continue driving straight, passing through Pastapur village and then Machnoor village.
Keep an eye out for the Machinoor substation on your right-hand side.
Adjacent to the substation, you will notice our distinct blue signboard.
Turn onto the road indicated by our signboard and simply follow the signs to reach your destination.

If you are coming by Air or Train from Hyderabad, you may have to take a bus or taxi to Zaheerabad/Aranya. There are no direct buses to the farm itself. If you are taking a bus, you must get down at Zaheerabad and take an auto/tuk-tuk or a taxi. If you are taking a taxi from Hyderabad, you can come to the farm directly.

Please see the next few instructions for various ways to reach Aranya.

The nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, Telangana. There are daily flights from all major cities to Hyderabad. It takes about 2-3 hours to reach Aranya from the airport.

You can arrange your own taxi but we recommend contacting our regular taxi driver who knows the route to the farm. Details below:

Taxi to Aranya: Mr Shaik, Sky Cabs. Phone number: +917661087262

There are numerous trains to Hyderabad. The 3 main stations in Hyderabad city are Secunderabad, Kacheguda, and Hyderabad Deccan railway station or Nampally railway station. They are all located about 2 hours from Zaheerabad. You can then take a taxi to the farm from the railway station.

Alternatively, you may find direct trains to Zaheerabad (the nearest town to Aranya). Please check the IRCTC website for accurate train details. From Zaheerabad, you may take a taxi (details above) or an auto to the farm.

We have a regular auto/tuk-tuk driver who knows the directions to the farm. Please contact Mr Basit at +919908650623.

You can get a bus to Zaheerabad from Hyderabad city at Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS), also known as the Imliban Bus Station in Hyderabad. There are buses plying every 1 hour or so to Zaheerabad.

Platform number :46-47 is where you find buses to zahirabad . Check with any bus going to Bidar If it crosses through zahirbad and you can take that bus.

From Zaheerabad, please take an auto or taxi to the farm (phone number for auto given above).

If you are driving or taking a taxi, we highly encourage you to carpool with other participants to reduce emissions.

Aranya Permaculture Farm

Directions to the venue -
From Hyderabad drive towards Zaheerabad
Take Pastapur exit
Turn right under the flyover( open your google maps here )
Continue driving straight, passing through Pastapur village and then Machnoor village.
Keep an eye out for the Machinoor substation on your right-hand side.
Adjacent to the substation, you will notice our distinct blue signboard.
Turn onto the road indicated by our signboard and simply follow the signs to reach your destination.

We do not have any formal parking facility but there is ample space outside the farm to park.

Accommodation on Aranya Farm is limited and subject to availability on a first-come-first-serve basis. We highly recommend you register for the NPC well in advance and let us know whether you will require accommodation in advance so we can reserve a spot for you.

Accommodation in Aranya is basic tents (you may bring your own as well).

PS: Accommodation at Aranya is only for those who have done their Permaculture Design Course. These are also subject to availability on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For Non Permaculture Design Course holders, we recommend the following hotels at Zaheerabad. Again, we encourage you to book in advance.

[DO - Double Occupancy, SO - Single Occupancy]

Name of Hotel Stay Options Contact No Map
Stanza Lodge DO, SO, Dorm (AC and Non-AC) 9030165293 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DKZF2TMqBr93f4hb6
Hotel Siddhi SO, DO (AC) 8367391539
Sai Eswar Cassette the Luxury Hotel DO (AC)   https://maps.app.goo.gl/JEjBGSidb6AagZ4t8
Shivam Residency DO (AC) 9515837024
Sai Ram Grand DO (AC), Dorm (Non-AC) 9490784785
Athithi Inn SO, DO (AC) 8451281222

TWe have three different types of toilets at the farm. Indian toilets, Western toilets and few compost toilets on the farm; there are bathrooms without a toilet as well. These are divided into sections for men, women, and all genders (marked by signage).

Facilities are basic and rustic. Please do not panic if you see the occasional frog or lizard. They are welcome residents of our farm!

Compost toilet facilities are being organized because the current ones may not be adequate to accommodate everyone.

Yes you can bring your tent, however, you will be charged the entire registration fee as you will be using the space and facilities.

At Aranya we serve primarily vegetarian food. Early dinner will be served at 6pm. There are vegan options available for participants based on advance notice. We will try our best to accommodate them.

Local snacks and fermented drinks will be served during breaks. Seasonal fruits will be available during meal times.

Kindly do not throw any plastic on the farm premises. We do not have adequate disposal facilities. Leave only footprints, not trash behind!

Please make sure you take back the plastic waste generated by you or bought by you from the city while leaving the farm

Consumption of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products is strictly banned on the farm premises. Anyone caught using these substances will be requested to leave immediately.

There are dustbins provided in the toilets for disposal. As we are unable to dispose of the sanitary waste safely, we might end up burning them along with other waste. We encourage menstruating participants to use eco-friendly alternatives such as cotton pads/ washable cloth pads or menstrual cups.

If you use the menstrual cup/menstrual cloth pads or other reusable products, please ensure that you wash/clean them separately from yours/others’ clothes, to avoid any staining.

TWe are open to you taking pictures or videos of our sessions; however, please be sensitive about who you are choosing to shoot and why. Our staff or locals may be smartphone users, but they do not understand the perils of data privacy, something that we struggle with too.

Reflection on the why, asking for consent and contextualising images are important considerations before bringing out your cameras. Please remain ethical, empathetic, and considerate when clicking pictures of people.

We do not allow pets inside the premises.

Do not pet or feed the animals unless advised otherwise. Check with volunteers and organizers before you pet/touch the animals. We are not responsible for any injuries arising from petting any of our farm animals.

Some warm clothes as it is winter, raincoats, comfortable footwear
- Tent and bedsheets if possible
- Cap/Sun hat
- Sunscreen
- Personal toiletries (please try to bring/use nature-friendly products, however this is not a compulsion)
- Clothes washing products like detergent (please try to bring/use nature-friendly products, however this is not a compulsion)
-Refillable water bottle
- Small towels/handkerchiefs for the outdoor walks
- Mosquito repellant
- Stationery: For your own personal notes, do bring a book/pen/pencil.

There is very limited internet and phone connectivity at the farm. Jio and Airtel services work better in some specific locations of the farm. We suggest you bring a portable dongle If you need to attend work.

We hope you will use the few network-free days on the farm to recharge and reconnect with nature!

The farm is located 12 km away from Zahirabad town. There are no stores available nearby to go shop. Hence, it is advised to pack everything necessary and not think of buying after you arrive.

Note: We do help Bidakanne Women Farmers sell their produce.

You are encouraged to bring an empty bag for any purchases you may want to make while here.

The nearest pharmacy and hospital is in Zaheerabad, 12KM away.

If you have any pre-diagnosed illnesses, do bring medication that will last you the entire NPC. We only have basic first aid on campus, and as the town is 12 kms away, purchasing last minute is not feasible.

Additionally, if you need the staff to know anything about your illness, specific response methods or specific care methods, do discuss on arrival itself so as to avoid any confusions.

If you have any questions, contact us by email at pdcaranya@gmail.com or call us at +919959865404 , +917396089327 (Office Hours 10.30 am to 4.30 pm or leave a message on the mobile numbers mentioned above, If unanswered).

We hope you have a fruitful 3 days at Aranya farm during the NPC and take back plenty of good memories and new learnings. We look forward to hosting you.